About Instructor Katz

Hello, I’m Instructor Katz from Singapore. Here’s a quick intro about me:

Siti Khadijah (Katz) participates in Malay dance as a youth and began Belly Dancing since year 2009. She has done multiple performances on stage and also in many shows over passed years, in Singapore & also Asia.
In 2015, Instructor Katz wins 3rd-Runner Up Medal at the Oriental Xpression Competition amongst 97 other Dancers from all over Asia.

Instructor Katz attends Zumba classes since 2010 and in 2012, Katz became a Licensed Zumba® Instructor and a ZIN™member. She also holds a Standard First Aid License and Certificate, SFA, CPR & AED.

Passionate, she is keen to help others to stay fit, in shape and enjoy every minute of their fitness classes. For all adults in all shapes, sizes and ages!

Her bubbly and friendly personality makes Instructor Katz a very approachable and fun Instructor to be with. View all her in-class photos on Facebook too!

Let’s have some Fun as we Party in Fitness; Come & join me in my Zumba classes!
Visit Katz Zumba Instructor page at https://www.facebook.com/katz.zumba.sg for all class details.

Aside from Zumba, Katz have been learning and mastering the Arts of Bellydance for 5 years (and counting).
Doing multiple Basics, Intermediates, Advances levels  throughout the years by different & well-known Bellydance Instructors here in Singapore & around the world.

Katz also had many opportunities to learn with Masters from Cairo, Istanbul, Turkey, Belgium such as Khaled Mahmoud, Serkan Tutar, Keti Sheriff and also Professionals from Asia such as Tribal Bellydancer Hilton and Belynda Azhar from Korea.

Katz is always keen and very passionate in what she do, thus she continues taking Classes, Workshops

(Singapore and Asia) and meet many Masters & Teachers to learn from them and upgrade her techniques and skills to meet to professional levels.

Signing off,
Shimmies & Hip Drops, Katz.

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