What do Instructor Katz eats – Breaking Fast in Classes


As an Instructor, I got asked this question alot:
“What do you eat when you break your Fasts in classes?”

In the month of Ramadan, my daytime classes will be closed. Mosts of my evening classes will resume as per normal. There are instances where I have to break my fast in classes. Usually it’s only within a minute or two whilsts i send my Participants on a water break!

So a quick drink of water, a beautiful Date (which is such a powerful source of nutrients & energy) and a Banana to share!

That itself, is Masha’Allah sufficient for me to break my fast and have the Energy to continue and finish my Zumba classes 👏😁

Once I finish my classes, I will head home or to the mosque for a proper meal.
Here are some other alternatives:

• Water/ Coconut Water/ Energy Drink
• Dates
• Bananas
• Figs/ Apricots
• Berries
• Nougat
• Energy Bar/ Power Bar.