What to Eat in Ramadan – Sahur

Great foods to eat in the mornings (Sahur) of Ramadan:

  • FIBER – Fiber foods are such as Whole-Grains (Bread/Paste), Beans, Nuts & Seeds, Oatmeals, Brown rice, Apples & Berries, Vegetables.
  • PROTEIN – Proteins are those inclusive of Eggs, White-meat products such as Fish and Chicken, Soya, Yogurts and also Lean meat.
  • GOOD FATS – The ‘Good Fats’ or Healthy Fats as we know it. This includes your Nuts, Olives, Butter, Coconut Oil, even Avocados and some Feta/Peanut Butter (not in excess pls), Smoked Salmon.
  • FRUITS & VEGETABLES – Nobody can argue with this, it’s well-known We need our Fruits & Vegetables at every meal. Including Sahoor & Iftar too :)
  • HIGH-WATER CONTENT FOOD – This are very good choices to help keep our Body hydrate throughout our fasting day; Tomatoes, Watermelon, Cucumber, Lettuces and please do not forget our humble Kurma! Bests food source for the Fasting period!
  • WATER – Try to drink at least 2 glasses of plain water (aside from your hot drink) in the mornings of Sahur.

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