Fasting in Ramadan

Good Morning everyone! Happy 1st Ramadan to All Muslims! :D Hopefully you’ve had your Sahur & Niat. I’m sharing this for everyone. So our friends can learn a thing or 2 about Ramadan. And also a reminder to myself :)Happy Reading:

💖 The basics of the Ramadan fasting is not eating or drinking (even water) between dawn and evening. In the month of Ramadan, whilst fasting, Muslims basically go about their normal routine, including work school etc.

😊 Self-Discipline: As we are fasting, we must remember to remain at peace and relaxed at all times, and clear our mind from negative thoughts.
We cannot gossip, speak in an ill manner, lie to each other, or behave with a negative attitude.
If we break any of these rules, our fast breaks for the day.

~Believe me, no muslim would want that to happen as we have taken effort and devotion to ensure we are able to fast for 30 days in the Holy month of Ramadan.

 Compassion & Love: Ramadan is not about starving ourselves throughout the day. It’s to remind us of the poor & needy and those unfortunate amongst us. Those without food/water/shelter.
It’s a time We take to treat each other compassionately and a time to bring people together.

“The fast is performed to learn discipline, self-restraint and generosity, while obeying God’s commandments”.
Observers of Ramadan are expected to abstain from food, drink & other pleasures. This is also a time to repent our sins, become closer to Allah through prayer and dhikr, and give zakat”.

If we miss a day, we must make it up.

 Who Fasts: Fasting is only required for people who are physically able to do so. The elderly, sick and mentally ill are all exempted.
Pregnant, nursing and menstruating women are also exempt from fasting rules.

-Adapted from the many muslim websites.
-By Instructor Katz.

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