Calves Pains & Foot Aches: Solutions!

Calves Pains & Foot Aches! Esp. those new to fitness. Here are a few tips I can help with:

Basically when you do Zumba (OR ANY type of exercise involving your body), your leg muscles esp. the calves/ankles/foot areas are being used.

This effect of stretching and muscle works will cause it to strain but Remember! As times goes by, your body will get used to this exercise routine and slowly it won’t ache anymore. Especially if you have only been doing it for a few sessions, Pls give your muscles some time to heal.

Now, Proper warmup, stretching & cool down definitely helps. That’s why I STRONGLY encourage everyone to come on time to do the Warmup (very Important).
And cool down at the end of class.

If you experience pain when you engage in fitness, there are some ways to curb it:

1) Do the Shoes Fit? Wearing the wrong type of shoes during your workout can result in calf pain. And too often a change of shoes are all you really need! Get proper footwear.
Sometimes it’s due to your shoes too tight. Loosen it abit and this helps alot. (I learnt that from experience!)

2) Proper Warmup. Don’t skip it. Ever!! PERIOD.

3) WATER: Even MORE important— Drink PLENTY of water Before, During and After the workout to flush all of the LACTIC ACID out of your muscles!
(Lactic acid is a substance released from your muscles while being stressed. If you dont drink enough water to flush it out, it sits in your muscles and makes them sore!)

There MUST be a reason why Katz Zumba calls out for ‘Water Break!!’…yes?

4) My Favourite: Sports drinks (like 100Plus) helps ALOT! It adds more Potassium to your body/bones. I Drink it before and after my workout.
This helps your bones from Aching!

5) My Personal Remedy: Apply hot oil or balm before fitness, AND during sleep-time is good too. (I apply and put my socks on before I go to sleep at night) It does wonders!

6) Give your Muscles time to heal. All the above remedies will help you along the way.

7) Lastly, this is really a dancer’s tip. Use the Ball of your Feet.
Especially during Dancing/Zumba dance. Instead of the tip of the foot.
This technique does not ‘stress’ your foot or ankles and toes!

I hope this helps! -Katz.


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