– I am a Zumba® Instructor!

Okay i was from August actually! But i haven’t started my own personal class yet, shared class YES, Zumba® showcase YES, Zumba® Events PLENTY!

Today I wanna express out how the heck i turn from a Bellydance student/Performer to Zumba Instructor?!! HERE’s the story: (a pretty unbelievable one too! Yikes)

I have been doing Zumba on & off (alternatively to Bellydancing) since last year. Just for fun & getting fit. I initially planned to be a Bellydance Instructor but this is just TOO Hard, it requires alot of work, alot of learning, alot of money & alot of passion to be one, a LOT of time is needed and proper focus.
If i do be a Bellydance Instructor, I wanna make sure I’d be a good one… A dedicated Instructor, passionate, well-based with sufficient knowledge!! Not a lousy one who just wiggles my butts & shimmy like that!! I want to be an EXCELLENT Bellydance Instructor. This definitely sounds more of me!

SOOOO… after months & months (the whole of last year & this year) and a Zumba friend kept telling me why don’t i try to be a Zumba® Instructor… I was hesitant at first… it wasn’t really in my Dream-List! 
But an awkward dream came upon me (i will get to that!) I made some space this year (in August) to go for the Zumba® Instructor Course!

Before signing up for the Zumba® Instructor Course, earlier this year, I had a strange dream. But the minute I woke up, i forgotten about it UNTIL the last day i Booked into the Zumba® Instructor Course!! 

Here’s the dream:
I Dreamt I was in the Zumba®Studio @Waterloo. I was doing Zumba at the last line (I was way back behind in the class) and I saw David V.(the Zumba®ZES) teaching us. The room was hot & everyone was perspiring… I turned to my right and saw a Chinese Lady doing the same Zumba dance she was doing it vigorously, like a PRO, and so bloody actively I thought to myself “Oh God… she’s so full of energy!!! Gasps!!”.

I WOKE UP! I told my husband my dream… and said (almost screaming) “I DON’T want to be a Zumba® Instructor!!! What was i doing there?!?! I wanna be a BELLYDANCE INSTRUCTOR!!!”
I was quite upset. Soon after I went about doing my chores and totally forgotten about that dream!

And months went on, and I remembered thinking I should be a Zumba® Instructor as a side-line income. 
So i can manage my bellydance classes once i have income etc.… Before you know it, i had signed up for the Zumba® Instructor course! (NOOOO I still have NOT remembered my dream yet).

After the fasting season, i went to the course and Day 1 was exhausting i practically crawled out of the studio. We had to come back for Day 2 under the Zumba® Instructor Course. I wasn’t sure of myself but still come cos I’ve paid for it, better make it work!

Soon, end of Day 2 was approaching. David was doing the final Zumba coaching for that 1 hour. We gave it our all!! 
It was hot & everyone was perspiring!!! I look at David from the back row… 
“Hey! This looks familiar…” I thought to myself… *think*think*think….. 


Wow… Isn’t that awesome, crazy day! Well, I dreamt it… after that scene i vividly remembered I had DREAMT this scene before. And i stopped regretting i took the Zumba® Instructor Course.
Maybe, JUST Maybe, my GOD had planned it out for me. To REASSURE me… i didn’t make the wrong choice…. wow… :D


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