– The Scorpio Bellydancer (me!)

Last but not least, i was browsing thru Keti Sharif’s website & saw this:
The Scorpio Bellydancer: Scorpio in Dance is Magnetic and Mysterious

Scorpio is symbolized by the Scorpion and is ruled by Pluto, planet of transformation.
The colour is Burgundy (or black and red which create burgundy)and Scorpio rules sexuality.
The Scorpio character is private, intense, psychic, deep, mysterious, alluring and of course, sexy!

A water sign, Scorpio is a sign that can experience very deep emotion in through music and dance. In dance, Scorpio is a passionate, intuitive troupe leader but can perform an intense solo, using emotive gesture and executes technique with depth. Explore movements that gesture inwardly and highlight the belly and hips.
Scorpio dancers are very hypnotic, especially when they dance to music with a steady rhythmic beat and soulful richness and depth in melody. Mood and atmosphere is important to a Scorpio, so light candles or incense to set the mood for sensual dance.
A seductive burgundy beaded two piece costume or deep burgundy velvet saidi dress helps Scorpio express her dynamism. Coins, headwear and ornate veils can be worn to conceal and reveal, a burgundy and black veil can be used in a hypnotic veil dance.

If you have:
Scorpio Sun:
Express your magnetic allure through deep hypnotic moves.
Scorpio Moon: Allow real, raw emotions show in your facial expression.
Scorpio Mercury: Look mysteriously at your audience, lead a powerful ritualistic group dance. Allow others to feel safe expressing themselves.
Scorpio Venus: Choose an entrancing burgundy costume and collect powerful bellydance music – hypnotic rhythms, intense classics, hot drums.
Scorpio dance accessories: Sheer black harem pants, Burgundy belt, Hous Eye, Smouldering eye liners

Zodiac Hall of Fame
Alluring Scorpio Dancers:
Julie Burley, Annette Berry, Catherine Merrit, Kylie Ann Marshall, Monica Little
Canada: Samira Haddad
Chile: Maria
Croatia: Ivana, Snezana
El Salvador: Jose
Greece: Elena
Lebananon: Grace
Malaysia: Syamim, Violet
Mexico: Nora Morato
Netherlands: Shemza
Romania: Alexandra Sabau
Serbia: Tijana
South Africa: Christine Cohen
Ukraine: Natalia
UK: Sheila
USA: Bel, Deborah Rubin, Malaena, Saahira, Sahara, Victoria Eldredge, Xiante, Zorba


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