– Choosing Good squid, Sotong.

  • Choose fresh squid with a clean, sweet smell and bright eyes.
  • When properly frozen, both squid and cuttlefish will retain flavor and texture.
  • Squid have usually been frozen and defrosted when sold at retail and may be purchased already cleaned.
  • Choose cuttlefish that quickly change color when poked, darkening from brown to black, and that are glossy, sweet-smelling, and somewhat translucent.

(From chow.com)

  • Extra Tips:
  • When buying, look for fresh whole squid with clear and smooth skin.
  • The squid should smell absolutely fresh.
  • Squid larger than 8 inches may be tough.
  • Choose fresh, whole baby octopus or octopus meat that looks and smells absolutely fresh.
  • Octopus larger than 2 to 2.5 pounds may be tough.
  • Always refrigerate fresh, cleaned octopus or squid immediately and use it within a day or two.
  • Frozen squid or octopus will keep for one month in a 0 degrees F freezer.

(From about.com)


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