– Choosing Fresh fruits.

Choosing Fresh Fruits:

  • Bananas: Peel should be free of black or brown spots as well as bruising.
  • Berries: Look for plumb, solid berries with vibrant coloring. Avoid wet or leaky containers as this may be an indication of mold or spoiling fruit. A strong berry smell may also indicate they are ripe and ready to eat.
  • Citrus: Choose citrus that has a smoother, thinner skin. Skin markings do not affect the quality. Avoid those that show withered sunken or soft areas.
  • Melons: In cantaloupes, thick close netting on the rind indicates the best quality. Cantaloupes are ripe when the stem scar is smooth and the space between the netting is yellow or yellow-green.
  • The fresh fruity smell may also indicate ripeness.
  • Ripe watermelons have some yellow color on one side.
  • If the melon has a white or pale green color on one side, they are probably not ripe.
  • Papayas: Choose ones with unblemished skins with healthy colors. It should be heavy and give a little when pressed. Avoid excessively hard or soft papayas. Papayas with dark spots have deep bruising and should be avoided. Ripen an unripe papaya in a brown paper bag.
  • Honeydews: The simplest way to known if its mature already is its ground color ranging from greenish white (immature) to creamy yellow (mature).
  • Quality is determined by the honeydew having a nearly perfect round shape with a smooth surface free of defects.
  • Honeydew should feel heavy for its size and have a waxy (not fuzzy) surface.
  • The honeydew that weigh about 2.2kg,
  • Have creamy yellow stem ends that is slightly soft when pressed, are bound to be the sweetest and best tasting.
  • Avoid melons that are as hard as bowling balls because its flesh is also hard.
  • The hardness is maybe because it is picked too early.

    (From Streetdirectory/suite101.com)


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