– Choosing Fresh fish/seafood.

  • The simplest test is a quick sniff. It should never smell fishy but be an aroma of the sea.

    Also look for:

  • Whole fresh fish will have eyes that are bright and not sunken. The skin should have a shiny, moist, firm appearance.
  • When buying fillets look out for neat, trim fillets and a white translucent appearance.
  • Flesh should be firm to the touch, not soft or mushy.
  • Fish should have no brown spots, which are an indication of the beginning of decay.
  • Fish should give the appearance that it’s still alive but not wriggling of course.
  • Shellfish, like lobster and crab, should be purchased either alive or frozen.
  • Smoked fish should look glossy with a fresh smoky aroma.
  • Select shellfish with shells tightly closed and without any gaps or cracks.
  • Lobsters and crabs should be heavy for their size.
  • With frozen seafood is must be solid with no signs of partial thawing, in undamaged packaging and with no sign of freezer burn.

(from about.com)


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