– Choosing Apples.

How to Choose and Store Apples:

  • When you’re choosing apples, make sure they are firm to the touch and free from brown bruises.
  • Handle them gently to prevent bruising.
  • Large apples are more likely to over-ripe which are best for stewing and baking.
  • As for storage, you should store them in a cool environment (especially refrigerator) where oxygen balance has been chemically lowered. This halts the natural maturing processes, so they can be kept for several months without going soft.
  • Another thing to take note is, you can put apples together with other fruits (like apricots) in a paper bag for two to four days to help them ripe faster.
  • But on the other hand, avoid storing apples with strong-smelling foods to prevent them from absorbing unpleasant odors. Keep in mind.
  • To prevent cut or sliced apples from browning, drop them in a bowl mixed of one part lemon juice to three parts water – or Vitamin C-fortified 100% apple juice.
    Or rub salt on the expose flesh and store in the fridge.

    Extra Tips:

  • When shopping for apples, select ones that are brightly colored, firm to the touch, and devoid of bruises and blemishes.
  • It may be tempting to choose those shiny apples, but don’t be deceived by their glow. Some growers purposely polish their apples to remove the dull bloom, or natural coating, from the apples.
  • The best way to determine an apple’s freshness is by smell; a fresh apple should have a sweet fragrance.

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